Warface, a Free-to-Play FPS From Crytek, is in Public Beta for Xbox 360. Register Now!


Warface, another in a long line of oddly named titles by Crytek, is a co-op class-based FPS that will be free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers this Spring. It’s also having a public beta as we speak, so we encourage you to head on over to the official website to register.

All you need is a valid e-mail address and an Xbox Live gamertag, and then it’s off to blow up mechs and terrorists with your friends! Or.. maybe complete strangers? We won’t judge you for not having friends. Actually, that’s what we’re here for. Some of us will be signing up, and if you want to join us on our conquests, toss us a friend request! Our gamertags are always listed below the posts, and feel free to post your own gamertag in the comments if you’re interested in playing with our community of readers!

Check out the Warface trailer below, showing actual gameplay and giving more insight in to which classes will be available.



  1. The 360’s getting a 8unch of F2P stuff, ain’t it? It’s why I’d 8uy a PS4 instead of an X8one, what with Warframe and 8lacklight and all.. Titanfall, though.

    1. Titanfall is going to be huge, no doubt. Warframe looks nice too, though. I have friends who have invested hundreds of hours in to the PC version.

      I’m just an Xbox guy, though. If you have a decent PC, at least you can play Titanfall for that instead, right?

      1. And with a PC, I’d get Warframe AND Titanfall… Dno though, with multiplayer games like that, a lot of the fun comes from the community. Now, whether the PC community or the console community will 8e more fun to play with is something I can’t predict. And there’s something to me a8out holding a controller. Still… a PC would 8e cheaper.

      2. There are ways to use the USB 360 or PS3 controller on your PC though, so if that’s your only hold up, check Google. It’s super easy. I set mine up to use the 360 controller in just a few minutes =). Console gaming is like comfort food for me though, so I just prefer it even though it may be an “inferior product”. I’ll play on PC if I don’t have a choice, like The Stanley Parable or Papers, Please, but given the choice, I’ll stick with a console every time.

      3. For some reason, I feel the same way. I guess it wouldn’t 8e a pro8lem if I had the money… I’ve got some deep soul-searching to do. Why console, really? When PC seems to give me everything that I need?

      4. That’s a deep, deep conversation I’m not ready to have with my brain yet. I’ve been a console gamer since I was 5 and I’m 32 now. Maybe I can use Nintendo as my excuse, since they don’t release their games on PC?

      5. That’s not an excuse I can use, though I was also 5 when I first got a controller in my hands. It hasn’t 8een all that long since then, though. May8e there’s still hope for me.

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