Xbox One to Get Massive Update on February 11th – Battery Life Indicator, Storage Management and More!


Xbox One owners can expect a pretty hefty update next Tuesday, February 11th, as Microsoft plans on improving their user interface thanks to fan feedback. The update will include various “quality of life” improvements, like a battery life indicator, the ability to actually see how much storage space you have left and the ability to use a USB keyboard, amongst other things.

“Xbox One is a platform for continuous innovation and new consumer experiences over time. Just as we did with Xbox 360, Xbox One will have regular updates to deliver new features and platform experiences designed to delight you.  We’re always listening to you and we love your feedback, so keep it coming.” – Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer

I love this quote as it basically sums up the entire life of the Xbox One. Fan feedback was responsible for the infamous “Xbox 180”, and Microsoft has been doing a lot of listening lately for ways to improve and adjust the user interface to turn it in to something we, as owners, enjoy using. As posted earlier today by Mr. Whitten on Xbox Wire, the following updates will occur on 2/11, while another major update will take place on March 4th.

  • Lots of behind-the-scenes updates for developers building games and apps for the Xbox One.
  • Kinect voice command improvements, which will continuously be updated “so commands become more fluid and responsive over time.”
  • The ability to both see and manage your storage space. Why this was never implemented initially was beyond me, but hey, it’ll be here soon.
  • Easier management of your download queue, as well as the ability to control your install lineup.
  • The “Games and Apps” app will be split in to two separate apps, both offering separate management of install priorities.
  • The ability to track your controller’s battery life on the Xbox Home page.
  • USB keyboard support.

More updates are promised for 2/11, so expect more information to fall in line between now and then.


Another major update for the Xbox One is scheduled for March 4th, and has been dubbed “countdown to Titanfall“. It promises to improve the Xbox Live party and multiplayer system in preparation for the biggest Xbox One exclusive in 2014.

I’m beyond stoked to see how hard Microsoft is working to try and improve their new console, especially when a lot of it has to do with fan feedback. The user interface and party system has been a bit of a mess lately, especially coupled with the agonizing matchmaking issues that plagued the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts and the nightmare that was Battlefield 4. Still, it’s early in the console’s life cycle, but knowing that change is on the way (and a good change, at that) is reassuring as an Xbox One owner myself.


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