Sledgehammer Games Added to Call of Duty Rotation by Activision


Sledgehammer Games, as you recall, worked with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3 and has now been officially given their own Call of Duty in the yearly rotation. Activision stated that they want to give Infinity Ward and Treyarch more time in the development cycle for their own releases, and having Sledgehammer added to the rotation would give each developer exactly that.

As reported by Game Informer, Activision confirmed there are three branches of the Call of Duty franchise — Black Ops, Modern Warfare and Ghosts. With Treyarch focusing on Black Ops and Infinity Ward working on Ghosts, it’s safe to assume that Sledgehammer will continue to work in familiar territory with Modern Warfare, starting this year in 2014.

Although we’ll still be seeing yearly releases in the Call of Duty franchise, giving each developer more time to play around is nothing but good news for the fans and I’m sure Infinity Ward and Treyarch appreciate the break.


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