Another Battlefield Double XP Weekend

Nic Cage Bf4
In an attempt to reconcile the rough launch of Battlefield 4, DICE recently kicked off it’s Player Appreciation Month. To extend the benefits of this promotion everyone playing Battlefield this weekend will be rewarded with double XP. I call the helicopter! 


The double XP weekend starts now and will continue until February 10th at 3am/PST. This gives you a solid chunk of time to try and boost your rank, soldier.

Are you a fan of knifing for dog tags? Well, now’s your chance to shine! As a part of Player Appreciation Month players are challenged to collectively acquire 10 million dog tags using melee attacks, in the first DICE Community Mission. If this objective is met all participants will be rewarding with a gold battlepack on the 20th.

See you folks on the battlefield!

I Mileson I



    1. That’s awesome! Now that’s one for the collection. I’m pretty terrible knifing in Battlefield, but I have managed to get a few hilarious take downs.

      1. hahaha I feel the same way every time I play.

        “Hey guys, I call the helicopter!”

        Ten seconds later it’s just a giant ball of fire.

  1. If any of you have an Xbox One and want to get in on some Battlefield 4 this weekend, let us know! We had a good 2-3 hour session tonight, and I need to school you folks in the art of going 4-12.

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