Evolve Teaser Trailer Uses a Creepy Cover of Danzig’s “Mother”

It was announced a few months ago that Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind Left 4 Dead, would be continuing their legacy of team focused multiplayer with the release of the sci-fi/horror game, Evolve. We haven’t been given the opportunity to see the game in action, but today a cryptic teaser trailer was released featuring a haunting cover of a Danzig classic. 

[youtube http://youtu.be/TOusXzXlF0I]

This trailer is honestly pretty unnecessary. They could have just released an image with the date 2/11/14 on it, but this video get’s everyone wondering. What exactly is going to happen on this particular day? Are we finally going to see some gameplay?

Left 4 Dead
is easily one of the greatest co-op franchises of all time and it’s truly exciting to see this studio producing another promising bro-centric title. Game Informer’s lengthy spread on Evolve reassured players that this new project won’t simply be a clone of it’s undead predecessor. It will introduce four unique classes, each with their own special skills and abilities. This gives every single member of your team a specific purpose and you will need to utilize every character to survive.

Evolve is definitely on my must-have list and I’m excited to experience true, next-gen bro-op. Remember folks, there’s no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in “Can you guys pick me up? I ran off into the wilderness and now I’m downed.”

I Mileson I






      1. I feel as if I know all there is to know about Evolve right now. Like Danzig somehow entered my brain and left footprints for me to follow. You know, like that picture of the guy on the beach with those footprints next to him, but instead of God walking by me, it’s Glen Danzig.

  1. The “remake” of Danzig’s song is an absolute travesty. It’s not a game of Tippy toe through the tulips, it is a game of action and violence so get rid of that SHITTY REDO AND PUT IN DANZIG’S VERSION. Very bad PR…obviously it is not just the politicians who are out of touch with the public. You have time to trash that crap version and put in Danzig. DO IT OR WE WILL NOT BUY THIS GAME.

    1. I absolutely agree. This cover is atrocious. I get that they were trying to go for something subtle and mysterious, but I think the original blaring balls to the wall would have been much more effective.

      Thanks for sharing the Danzig love!

      1. I don’t see an issue with this remake of Danzig’s mother. Personally the beat and tempo differences draw me into the commercial when it starts to play. And you shouldn’t hate on a game because it did a Danzig remake for their trailer, jeeze. I’ve heard much worse remakes by popular groups.

        To those who aren’t all bent out of shape about the “atrocity” that is a wonderful addition to the list of remakes for Danzig’s ‘Mother’ (compared to Rise Against The Machine’s remake of Mother, which really was atrocious;) what do you think gameplay will be like? I’m seeing that the player being the monster will obviously be powerful. But just how powerful do you think monsters will be compared to the “Hunter” players?

      2. Nobody is complaining about the game itself, it looks amazing, Left 4 Dead is one of my favorite franchises of all time and I have complete faith that this will be a great game.

        From the gameplay we’ve seen so far it looks like everyone will need to work together to be able to take down the creature, It seems like the monster will be incredibly powerful. It should make being the humans pretty dang scary.

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