OXM Shows Off Evolve Gameplay With Latest Hands-On Video


The Official Xbox Magazine showed off some hands-on footage of Turtle Rock’s new competitive-co-op shooter, Evolve, and man.. it looks incredible!

The team behind Left 4 Dead is out to revolutionize the shooter genre by combining competitive deathmatch style gameplay with co-operative teamwork oriented survival. Evolve‘s 4-on-1 style may sound a bit unfair, but the one player who isn’t one of the four hunters is balanced out by becoming an overpowered alien, morphing their own powers and abilities by consuming different wildlife across the map.

The “Goliath” is the only alien Turtle Rock has shown off so far, but promises different choices when the game releases. The Goliath is a very agile creature that can leap large distances and climb terrain to hunt and stalk accordingly. As shown in the gameplay video, keeping an ear out and watching for clues (like a flock of scared birds) is crucial to locate and destroy the Goliath before they turn your team in to piles of mush.

The objective of the hunters is obviously to survive, but how do you “win” as one of the beasts? Each map will have its own objective, like evolving to your final form, breaking down a generator and consuming scientists, as explained by OXM. So you can go about this one of two ways — eliminate the hunters or go straight for the objective — but causing a ruckus and evolving is only going to make your position on the map far more obvious to four other plays who want to mount your head on their wall.

So what do you guys think so far? After seeing the gameplay and having a better understanding of the mechanics, I need this game. It’s not even a want at this point anymore, it’s a need.



  1. Looks really interesting.
    I just wonder how long that type of gameplay can hold an appeal? Hopefully a long time.

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