Ultra Haiku Fighter: Dead Rising 3

Ultra Haiku Fighter
Are you a fan of extreme Japanese poetry and hardcore gaming? If so, you’ll love the latest feature to brawl it’s way into the What’s Your Tag? lineup; Ultra Haiku Fighter. Think you’re better at writing gaming Haiku’s than we are? Well come prove it. 

Editor’s Note: Ultra Haiku Fighter started off as a joke conversation between Mileson and AMGfail on Facebook and morphed into a full-fledged feature. The idea behind UHF is that the What’s Your Tag? bros will post a series of Haiku’s based on a specific game and you as the reader, will try and create Haiku’s even greater than ours and drop it in the comment section below. The supreme victory will be declared the most extreme poet in the universe, though we have no fair way to judge that. Let the Ultra Haiku Fighter battle begin!

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 Banner


limbs that go flying,
monsters on mart carts eat all,
where’s my dildo gun?


flawless next gen shit,
is that zombie twerking, dude?,
oh it’s just a glitch.

Alrighty X-Bros, you’ve read what we’re throwing down, now it’s time for you to bring the thunder! Battle to raise your poetry meter and unleash your Ultra Haiku Combo!



      1. This was just a random idea we had just joking around, and it turned in to something pretty hilarious, so we’ll do our best to keep it going!

    1. I’m digging it! Next time around we will pick something a few more people have played to even the playing field a lil bit.

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