New Crimson Dragon Challenges Start Tomorrow!


If one game is doing these new achievement challenges right on the Xbox One, it’s Crimson Dragon. I’ve stressed out over getting multiple counter-breakers in one Killer Instinct match just for a measly 100 KP, but Crimson Dragon doesn’t just offer a boost to your in-game currency. No, they offer exclusive dragons, rare abilities or even abilities you can’t earn any other way. I love it!

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to work on two brand new challenges that take a break from the newly added multiplayer mode and go back to playing with yourself. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, no less!

Solo Wing will task you with clearing any of the Coral Lakes East missions 5 times without using a wingman in single player mode. In return, you’ll get a one-time use item to feed your dragon and unlock a “super rare ability.”

Blackbone Expert will award you with an exclusive void-based Blackbone Eclipse dragon if you can earn an A rank 15 times using your own Blackbone dragon from your roost. Sounds easy enough, right?


For having a decent amount of flaws, Crimson Dragon has been steadily improving itself thanks to communication between the developer and the fanbase. I’ve put more time in to Crimson Dragon than any other Xbox One title, and it’s quickly become the only game that I really focus on nailing out new achievement challenges when they come around. Besides, who doesn’t want free dragons?

If you haven’t yet picked up this highly addictive rail shooter, check out our review. Also, if you want to ride together like dragon bros and watch our hair flutter in the wind like an 80’s music video, toss us a friend request on Xbox Live!


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