Nerd Wars! What is the Best Bromance in Gaming?

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Love is in the air every time we look around and sometimes that love is straight hetero between a couple of beefy men sharing a moment. In celebration of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we want to dedicate this week’s round of Nerd Wars! to the special connection between two men simply known as the bromance. There have been some great tales of bro-love in gaming, but which tale is the greatest of them all? 

Marcus and Dom

Nothing sparks true bromance like taking down a force of destructive monsters dwelling inside the planet’s core. Marcus and Dom went through hell with each other and made some incredible sacrifices for the sake of bro-love.

Ken and Ryu

It’s perfectly healthy for bro’s to duke it out every once and while. Sure, these two seem to fight in excess, but you can guarantee that when the time comes, Ken and Ryu will always have each other’s backs.

Mario and Luigi

There is no bro-love stronger than the love of two actual brothers. Mario and Luigi have seen it all in their wild plumbing adventures and it looks like they’ll be together until the end of time.

Nick and Dick

When the zombie apocalypse eventually happens, do you know someone that would follow blindly into countless dangerous situations for the sake of bro-love? Nick and Dick started off as friends and became something much more.

Nathan and Sully

Bromance has no age restrictions. Nathan and Sully prove that bro-love can bridge generation gaps and unite two men in the magic of bro-love.

Solid Snake and Dr. Hal


Sometimes bromance can be a very mysterious thing. Solid Snake and Dr. Hal’s relationship took some wild twists and turns, but in the end bro-love reigned supreme.

Sonic and Tails

Bromance isn’t always between two men, sometimes it’s between a hedgehog and a flying fox. Sonic and Tails are almost inseparable and their bro-love can’t accurately be measured by human standards.

Shepard and Garrus


You don’t even have to be from the same planet to kindle a bromance. Shepard and Garrus are a prime example of bro-love that is out of this world. Depending on the way you played Mass Effect though, this could be something much more than a bromance…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We hope your day is filled with magic and love… or video games, depending on your relationship status. If there is a magical bromance we missed, feel free to share it in the comment section below. 


  1. Aw man, Marcus and Dom for sure. That key moment in Gears 3 where you want to rip out your muscled heart and crush it to pieces.. or just pretend those weren’t tears, you were just cutting onions.

  2. I know there is a caveat to this one because Shepard can me male or female but where the love for
    “There is no Shepard without Vakarian?” The male Shepard-Garrus bromance is one of the most well known and loved bromances in all of video games!

    1. That’s very true. Didn’t wanna go down the Mass Effect route simply because the main character can be male or female, but I absolutely agree. Total bromance or bro-ettemance.

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