Crimson Dragon “Solo Wing” Challenge Video Guide


What’s up, X-bros? AMGfail here with a video guide that I made earlier today, showing the absolute easiest way to complete the new Crimson Dragon challenge that just started last night — Solo Wing.

In this challenge, you’ll need to complete any 5 Coral Lakes East missions without a wingman, and this guide will show you the best dragon to choose and the easiest mission to play. Completing this challenge grants you a super rare food to teach your dragon a new ability, but I’m not sure if the ability learned is random or not.

You can also use the same level shown for an easy 15 S-ranks or A-ranks to get Blackbone Expert out of the way as well, but you will need to use a Blackbone dragon from your roost to make it count.

Hope the guide helps, and if you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments below!



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