Did You Miss Out on Our Xbox One Titanfall Beta Code Giveaway? That’s Okay, We’re Giving Away One More Tomorrow!


That’s right, folks! We’ve come across one last Titanfall beta code for the Xbox One, and it can be yours if you visit our official Facebook page tomorrow, Sunday the 16th, between 12pm-3pm Pacific time!

The rules are the same, but I’ll explain them again.

Tomorrow at noon Pacific, we’ll make an official contest post here on the blog. All you have to do is go to our Facebook page, “Like” us if you haven’t already (shame on you, by the way), and share the contest post directly from our Facebook to yours by clicking “share”.

We had a bit of an issue with today’s contest where many people were just sharing the link to the post or sharing the post from their friend’s pages, and unfortunately we had no way of tracking that, so in order to enter you must share the correct post directly from our Facebook to yours. Got it? Good! We’ll see you tomorrow at noon!

Team X-Bro, out!


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