Last Titan Standing Gameplay

Last Titan Standing

The bros from What’s Your Tag? have been playing an obscene amount of the Titanfall beta the last couple days, so I figured I’d show you folks a new mode that throws players immediately into their Titan’s without delay. Behold, Last Titan Standing


This mode is fantastic for those players more interested in Titan combat. I really enjoyed the more deliberate pacing of Last Titan Standing. The other modes seem to have much more going on, but this game type focuses on teamwork and strategic engagement. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Thanks for checking out our latest Titanfall video! Be sure to check back for more videos everyday! If you’re playing the beta, be sure to add us on Xbox Live so we can party! 

I Mileson I


      1. It’s kind of a bummer there isn’t a beta for the Xbox 360 version, but if it’s anything like the Xbox One, it’ll be incredibly fun.

  1. loving the gameplay for Titanfall, im more of a run and gunner but Last Titan Standing is turning out to be pretty fricken fun, just need some X-bro’s to run with so its an actual team effort

    1. Yeah, Last Titan Standing is about coordination. Most of the time my team was getting crushed because my teammates were running in and dying immediately. We need to unite the X-Bros for a serious Titanfall session.

      1. I am IN my good man, ” anytime, anyplace, WE WILL BE THERE” ( cheesy quote from Real Steel ) but hey, they fight with Titans so why the hell not

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