The Daily Clip: Everything is Better With Kinect, Right?


I know, I know, we’re coming up for air from a day-long binge on the Titanfall beta, and what better way to break the streak than by posting some epicly terribad footage from the instant-classic, Fighter Within? I certainly can’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday night. Take this journey with me.

Fighter Within is a Kinect-only fighting game that is exclusive to the Xbox One. As you can see, Ubisoft went all out for this one. As a 230 lb., 5’9″ adult, flailing my arms around wasn’t fun on the Wii and certainly isn’t fun on the Kinect, but there is something about Fighter Within that I enjoy. Turning it off.

I really wish there was a way for me to record what I look like while playing. I imagine it’s something like Star Wars Kid meets hard-core concert slam dancing, or a T-rex trying to pick apples with his stubby little arms. Either way, enjoy the commentary and the footage!

Team X-Bro, out!



  1. Ya, they were horribly ashamed by the product they put out. However I’ve heard word of a new fighting game that is being developed, cant remember by who again, but its supposed to blow The Fighter Within away, not saying its gonna be hard to do that but still, im looking forward to trying out a better, more thought out game with better mechanics.

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely not a good game. I mean, the Kinect is responsive and it’s graphically not bad to look at, but the characters are bad and it’s just too much to focus on while you’re flailing about.

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