Xbox One February Update is Now Live


An update that was originally scheduled for February 11th was deemed not fit for human consumption, so it was postponed. Well, actually it just wasn’t finished, but today.. today it is ready for our sewer-dwelling eyes to see. 

Rejoice everyone, in finally being able to see how much juice your batteries have left in your controller, all while managing your storage space and download queues! A last-minute Xbox One controller update is also included, tweaking the sensitivity at the request of Respawn Entertainment. Man, Microsoft must reeeeeallly like Titanfall.

Stay tuned for another major update on March 4th, which is set to “prepare the Xbox One for Titanfall” and completely re-vamp the Xbox Live party system and interface.



  1. It’s hard to believe that most of these updates, although they improve the system overall, are all really geared towards the release of Titanfall. Microsoft is really relying on it’s exclusivity to bring up the Xbox One’s sales.

    1. The Xbox One already has a solid exclusive line-up right now, but I’d be lying if I said Titanfall wasn’t going to be the one that sells the console. If anything, I’m just glad they’re overhauling the party and matchmaking system, because as it is right now, it’s pretty awful.

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