New Ryse: Son of Rome DLC – Mars’ Chosen, Releasing Feb. 28th

Ryse Execution

The Official Xbox Magazine just reported that a new batch of co-op multi-player DLC will be released for Ryse: Son of Rome on February 28th. Entitled Mars’ Chosen, the DLC pack will run $8.99 and feature 5 new maps, a new Survival mode and a brand new Legionary character skin.

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Survival Mode will bring an interesting twist, as your health will constantly drop unless regenerated by executing enemies. Playing in co-op will also regenerate your partners health each time you execute another enemy as well. I think this mode will put more emphasis on strategy, with one guy out refilling health on weaker enemies while the other works on the stronger guys with hazards and turrets.

Dockyard, Obelisk, Courtyard, Firestorm and Pyramid will be the new maps, and OXM has posted a few screenshots of them as well. Judging by the screenshots, each map seems to offer a nice variety of environments.

I really enjoyed the bro-op multiplayer mode in Ryse: Son of Rome and this might bring my focus back to the game a little bit more, but I’m still holding on for more story-mode DLC in the future.

Will you guys be picking this up?



  1. I’ll definitely be getting this one. I love Ryse and while I am hoping for more single player action this will hold me over just fine.

    1. I wish they’d offer a story DLC telling the full tale of Damocles in detail. Even if it’s just 3 or 4 levels, I want more story! I dig the multiplayer though, and if enough of my friends pick up this DLC, I probably will too.

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