The Daily Clip: One Pilot vs Four Pilots and Four Grunts


Rarely, if ever, do I look good while playing an FPS game online, but in today’s edition of The Daily Clip, I activate beast mode on a bunch of folks who try to overtake Point A in Angel City. Welcome to Titanfall, folks!

I’m loving the SMG and Cloak combo since I always play defense in Hardpoint Domination. I typically just drop my Tank-based Titan outside of a high traffic entry point, put him to “guard mode” and use Cloak whenever it’s off cooldown. In Angel City, Point A is my favorite since there is a lot of room to maneuver when things start to go south, or in this case, when more than half their team tries to take it back.

Enjoy the clip, and make sure to check back every day as we upload clips directly from our own Xbox One Game DVR’s!



  1. Awesome job dude. Something similar happened to me today but I was surrounded by titans out in the open :]. What’s your gamer tag I would love to team up with you some time.

    1. Hey, we’re always looking to game with our reader base! Our gamertags are always posted in the gamercard at the bottom of our posts, so feel free to add any of us. =)

      I’m amgfail.

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