Ryse: Son of Rome – No New Campaign DLC to Be Released. Ever.


So some folks from Crytek were live streaming the new Ryse: Son of Rome DLC — Mars’ Chosen — and answering fan questions on their Twitch.tv channel. Luckily, two of my questions were answered, but one of their responses was completely soul crushing.

Q: Does the new DLC feature new enemy character models.

A: No, we wanted to focus more on new game modes.

-While I’m sad that I’ll have to press on, killing the same fat shielded guy and goat headed axe guy, the new Day & Night mode sounds pretty awesome, so I’m okay with that. The answer to the next question stung a little.

Q: The multiplayer in Ryse was surprisingly great (no offense, as most single player multi feels tacked on), but will there be any new story DLC at some point, or is Crytek primarily focused on keeping the multiplayer going?

A: No. All of the DLC from this point forward will focus on multi-player only.

-Nooooooooo!!! I really enjoyed the campaign in Ryse: Son of Rome, and was really looking forward to more story-related content in the future. Unfortunately, that’ll never happen, so if you’re fiending for more of Marius, Boudica or Commander Vitallion, you’ll have to hope and pray for a sequel.

Your extremely disappointed XBRO,


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