Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Gets a New Trailer for Xbox One and PS4


Originally a PC game that was successfully funded via Kickstarter in 2012, Born Ready Games’ Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut will be headed to the Xbox One and PS4 in March of this year. After viewing the trailer, I’m getting a nice Colony Wars meets Zone of Enders vibe from it, and that’s in no way a bad thing.

Primarily being a console gamer, I’ve never had the pleasure of playing the original Strike Suit Zero on the PC, but if you’re familiar with the source material you can expect “a restructured campaign – particularly relating to the first few missions, allowing the player to get in the cockpit of the Strike Suit much earlier – with an adapted story and all new dialogue.”

According to Xbox: The Official Magazine, Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut will also feature “new ship models, two additional Strike Suits and the original’s Heroes of the Fleet DLC” for $19.99, and is a full-scale, single-player, story-driven experience with multiple endings.

I’ve loving the soundtrack so far and the third-person/cockpit views available, so the trailer definitely has me hyped up. I also dig the massive battles that seem to be going on in the background while you do your whole blow stuff up in space thing.

If this is your first time hearing about this and you’re looking for more information on Strike Suit Zero, this comes directly from their Kickstarter page that was funded in November of 2012.

“Strike Suit Zero will remind you of the heyday of 90’s space combat, whilst simultaneously introducing exciting new mechanics to make it relevant for today’s audience. To ensure that the game brings space combat back with a bang, we’ve brought in the best names in mecha and sci-fi to really put a stamp on the genre.”

“If you’re a fan of mecha, you’ll be excited to learn that ship and craft designs come courtesy of Junji Okubo, who has previously lent his talents to Steel Battalion, Infinite Space, Appleseed: Ex Machina and Viper’s Creed. Working closely with the Born Ready team, Junji – who normally favours a western design philosophy – has brought some more traditional eastern traits to the Strike Suit designs.”

“In addition to this, Paul Ruskay, who has composed the award-winning  Homeworld soundtrack, has furnished the game with an original score. With its otherworldly tones and fusion of styles, Paul has created something perfect for Strike Suit Zero.”

So what about it, XBRO’s? Interested yet? I’m pretty much sold.


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