How to Shred Solo in Strider

Solo Strider 2014

Are you having trouble with the Solo fight in Strider? I know Brad (AMGfail) was, so I made a little video that shows just how easy it can be to shred a pretty gnarly Solo. In no time you guys regular Strider Yngwie Malmsteens. 


For the most part the Solo fight is pretty straight-forward. His move patterns become really easy to read and you should be golden as long as you’re careful, which I clearly wasn’t towards the end of this video. If you wan’t to take the easy route for that last barrage of plasma lasers, just jump off to the side and hang on the ledge. The only thing that’ll be damaged is your pride.

Oh, and in case you’re not familiar with Yngwie Malmsteen, here is a several minute video of him shredding some actual solos.


Thanks for checking out my video guide. Hopefully this at least shows you a couple things not to do when battling this airborne assclown. If you have any additional tips or comments feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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  1. This guy was the bane of my existence. Every other boss has been a cakewalk, but this guy caught me in that damn multi-ground flare thing one too many times each time. *shakes fist*

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