Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Costume DLC Releases Today


DLC for Lightning Returns arrived so fast, one might say it struck as fast as.. lightning. HEYO! But seriously, it was quick. Like lightning.

If you’ve become obsessed with dressing up Lightning in all of your favorite costumes, today you’ll have access to three different schema DLC packs at $3.99 each, or as a bundle for $9.99. Also up for grabs are some new Xbox Live avatar items, four new PS3 themes and a Japanese voice pack for (separately priced at $3.99). Game Informer provided screen caps of the new costumes, which I’ll describe for you below.


Divine Wear

  • Garb – Cosmocrator
  • Weapon – Crocea Mors
  • Shield – Abyss Gate
  • Adornment – Deathless Mask


Moogle Lover

  • Garb – Moogle Queen
  • Weapon – Mog’s Staff
  • Shield – Mog’s Shield
  • Adornment – Moogle Hat


Ultimate Savior

  • Garb – Celestial Body
  • Weapon – Excalibur
  • Shield – Aegis Shield
  • Adornment – Tiara of the Goddess



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