Thief – The Forsaken & Bank Heist DLC Available Today

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The reboot of Thief has been met with mediocre reviews thus far, but if you’re one of the few enjoying the game (and I know you’re out there), a new challenge map — The Forsaken — and a new campaign scenario –The Bank Heist — are available for purchase at $4.99 each.

According to the description on Xbox Live, The Forsaken allows you to “explore a sinister abandoned facility, steal all its dark secrets and escape what may be lurking in the shadows.”

The Forsaken challenge map is available for play in Chain & Gain, as well as the Special Loot Hunt modes.

Chain & Gain tasks you with stealing as much loot as possible before you run out of time. Stealing loot keeps your timer alive and increases your score multiplier. Special Loot Hunt is another timed mode that tasks you with finding a specific piece of loot stashed randomly throughout the map. Using a “hot and cold” indicator, your job is to find as many pieces of the hidden loot as possible before time runs out.

The Bank Heist was actually free to anyone who pre-ordered the game, and has Garrett infiltrate the cities most secure location, Stonemarket First Bank, to steal a coveted heirloom. The Bank Heist features a “challenging mission that will put your thieving skills to the test” as you deal with security measures found exclusively in this mission.

So let’s hear it, XBRO’s. Who picked up Thief and are you enjoying it? Is this the kind of DLC you’re interested in?



  1. I feel like Thief DLC being released so soon after the game itself only provides incentive for us old timers to hold out until Reboot Thief Gold.

  2. Idk if The Forsaken is DLC but I know for a fact the bank heist was a free bonus for preordering cuz I did XD


    The Forsaken is a story mission I believe and during this post I’m playing through it, creepy as HELL,

    The time limits and loot things described above are not included in the normal play through

    1. Yeah, I remember Bank Heist being a pre-order bonus and I assumed The Forsaken might have been one as well from select retailers. The concept sounded pretty interesting though.

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