Twitch Streaming Coming to Xbox One with March Update


The March update for the Xbox One just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Console owners have eagerly been awaiting the launch of the Twitch streaming service and just in time for Titanfall, Microsoft delivers console streaming without the limitations of the PS4

We’ve been following Xbox One update news for the last several months. February’s update gave players a way to manage their hard drives and check the battery level on controllers, but next month’s update is going to deliver a slew of great, new features and improvements to the current Xbox One experience.

One of the biggest changes and most recent announcements confirms that Twitch streaming will be coming to the Xbox One in March. Fans were devastated when the service, announced with the console, was delayed for unknown reasons. We now know that Microsoft delayed the launch to ensure the Xbox One delivered the best possible console streaming integration.


The PS4 Twitch service was developed by Sony, but the version coming to Xbox One was developed by Microsoft and the Twitch company and it promises to provide an experience far less “limiting” than the PS4. Players will be able to join “Broadcasting Parties” and participate in the conversation without actually playing the game. The Xbox One will also allow you to view streams from any device, while the PS4 only allows you to view other PS4 devices and starting a stream with the Xbox One is as simple as saying, “Xbox, Broadcast.”

There are a handful of other features Microsoft hasn’t unveiled yet, but this news is incredibly reassuring. Many people speculated the console wasn’t powerful enough to stream at the same capacity as the PS4. All of this information completely squashes these allegations.

Xbros of the world rejoice! Console streaming is only a few weeks away! You can be sure the What’s Your Tag? crew will be delivering a ton of ridiculous streaming content. Do I smell a Jeers of War revival?

The March update is scheduled to go live on March 11, 2014. That’s right, the same day Titanfall launches. It’s going to be a truly beautiful day for Xbox One owners.




  1. Fingers crossed. Waiting for March 11.
    Game broadcasting is a huge deal though you should have a good high speed internet to actually make good use of it.
    With live streaming, you can actually get in on the fun without playing the game, if you are so inclined.
    It will also help you to brag more, so…

    1. I was pumped when they announced this at launch and then crushed when it was delayed… Finally I can easily stream game content from the comfort of my couch!

      1. I totally agree, but it’s cool to see them taking them time and delivering something truly great as opposed to rushing out a mediocre service.

  2. Our live stream will most likely be full of nonsense and amazingness, rather than any sort of epic Killer Instinct footage or Battlefield kills. Come watch me farm A Plague of Vespin for Crimson Dragon challenges! FUN!

    1. Dude! I cannot wait for the nonsensical bullshit streaming we shall provide. It won’t really be helpful to anyone, but my god will it be entertaining. I hope people like singing, because that’s going to be about 92% of it hahaha.

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