Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart Teaser

batman AO Cold heart

Some ICE news out today. I hope you like it and don’t give it the COLD SHOULDER. It’s a BLIZZARD of cewufw8932-iknwnr4jn flwiwmk’ma,sy39 r4ht5fkoe… Whoa, sorry about that. I blacked out for a minute there. Anyway, there’s a new teaser trailer out for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins DLC, Cold, Cold Heart staring Mr. Freeze! Check it out: 

Looking pretty sweet. And if you want some more Mr. Freeze check out the Batman: Animated Series episode “Heart of Ice” which the DLC seems to be drawing from. Not only is the story fantastic but the animation is amazing. Batman: Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart comes out April 22.

(H/T Kotaku)



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