The Daily Clip: Even in Cut-scenes, No One is Safe!


I know plenty of you guys and gals are winding down your Saturday night and chances are you’re probably drunk. That’s okay though, because I have just the cure! No, it’s not the Walken Whore-Toss, but it’s today’s edition of The Daily Clip, featuring none other than Strider!

Miles posted the official What’s Your Tag? review of Strider earlier today, and to celebrate such a delicious event, I wanted to show you all my favorite cutscene in the game. Actually, I want to congratulate Double Helix on a job well done for releasing amazing reboots of two classic franchises in the span of 3 months. There. Now I feel okay about moving on.

One of the different enhancements that Strider obtains allows him to reflect back bullets by swinging his sword at the right time. Mastering the timing of this ability can cause some serious Van Damage to packs of enemies. It’s not even just the enemies who aren’t safe, but as you’ll see in today’s clip, bosses aren’t even safe during their own cutscenes. Enjoy the clip!


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