Kagura Burst My Bubble

So, Nintendo of all companies has recently brought a rather perverse game from Japan stateside. Senran Kagura Burst takes your typical big-breasted Japanese schoolgirl fantasy and turns it into some sort of creepy interactive reality. Now you can pit two dainty ladies against each other and make them fight until all their clothes come off… and we mean ALL of their clothes… For those curious, we’ve included a gameplay video below.

You should feel one of two things after watching this video; shame or arousal. Just know that arousal means you’re a humongous pervert, but don’t fret because clearly there is a large audience of humongous perverts that this game caters to. If there was a mud wrestling simulator starring Katy Perry, you could slap us both in that same category.


Written by What's Your Tag?

We do the games and the comics and what-have-you.


      1. The shorthand of it, since I won’t have it ready to this weekend: Creepy? Somewhat XD (I played creepier Japanese titles than this one, lol.) Fun? For awhile and from someone that has limited experience with beat-em-ups, a pretty okay, normal experience – if you can stave off the tedium is what it really comes down to.

      2. Yeah, I remember seeing some a really strange simulators on the PS2 that made me feel just downright dirty. From what I’ve seen of the gameplay, it looks like a pretty straight-forward beat-em-up game.

  1. It’s got a boxed retail release in Europe. No media outcry at all so far, I guess we’re less prudish about such things over here. 😛

    Here’s the UK boxart by the way…

      1. Here we just put it in amongst the rest of the games – inbetween Pac-Man and Bravely Default in my local store – cover facing forward and pretty much nobody bats an eyelid.

        Oh and here’s an image of the back cover… just in case the front not suggestive enough…

      2. I love that you can basically see her nipple. Oh man! I can’t believe they got away with that, especially with it being a Nintendo exclusive. Well, now nobody can complain that Nintendo doesn’t try to appeal to a more mature audience…

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