Fear the Knight, New Batman Arkham Game!


Last week, it was DLC for Arkham Origins, this week? A whole new Arkham game! Titled Batman: Arkham Knight, the Scarecrow will be the main villain with Harley Quinn, the Penguin, and featured prominently in the trailer, Two-Face. Check it out:

Probably the most exciting part of this is that the Batmobile will be drivable! No word on where this falls on the timeline, it looks like another prequel like Arkham Origins. While Scarecrow wasn’t in Arkham City, there was an easter egg that hinted he’d be returning. So, you never know. Also missing, the Joker, it seems odd they’d leave him out and Harley Quinn in.

As of now it looks like this will be out sometime this year and will be next gen only. We’ll keep you posted as news becomes available.



  1. Next-gen only is a pretty bold move for them, considering last-gen still has a massive player-base. Still, I’m excited to see what they can do with purely a next-gen focus.

  2. I have to admit it is pretty encouraging that the Batman Arkham series is back in the hands of Rocksteady. Honestly I hope it is a sequel to Arkham City since there were quite a few things left hanging in that came. This would also explain why Harley Quinn is there, but Joker isn’t. Too bad I don’t have a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

  3. Reports are saying this will take place a year after Arkham City. Excited to have a Batman game by Rocksteady again and not WB Montreal like Origins was.

  4. Good to see a new Batman Rocksteady game, I wasn’t expecting another one so soon. Shame it is only for the next gen systems.

  5. Customization has alkso been addeed wifh various unlockable costumes and weapons within the multiplayer
    mode. This will be the third game in the Arkham-series that started with Batman: Arkham Asylum
    which was followed by Batman: Arkham City. Each gaming ambit has its own unique set of content and objectives.

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