Titanfall Launch Trailer Cranks the Hype to Eleven

Alrighty boys and girls, we’re just one week away from the launch of Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated shooter Titanfall. If you weren’t amped for this release already, maybe the latest trailer will get your blood pumping. 

[youtube http://youtu.be/Tsf25G5IArA]

Titanfall promises to change online shooters forever. It’s easily one of the most ambitious online games ever crafted and you should absolutely be excited. No other game in history has combined parkour, mechs, ziplines, and dinosaurs. That’s right, I said dinosaurs. Yesterday I had the opportunity to take an early look at some of the unannounced stages for this titanic shooter and while I can’t say much, I will say there are dinosaurs and a dinosaur graveyard. Get pumped people.

Titanfall drops on March 11th for Xbox One and PC and March 25th for Xbox 360

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