Crimson Dragon – Golden Mohawk Carnivore Video Guide


Another week, another Crimson Dragon achievement challenge offering more free stuff! Need help with the current Golden Mohawk Expert challenge to unlock your free Golden Mohawk Carnivore dragon? Your friends here at What’s Your Tag? have got you covered with today’s video guide!

Crimson Dragon is one of the few Xbox One titles that do achievement challenges right. If you own the game, more often than not there is some sort of achievement challenge rewarding new abilities or brand new dragons. Aside from already enjoying the game immensely, these challenge rewards keep me coming back to the game months after its launch.

If you’re in need of a high level, light-based wingman, add me to your friend list and feel free to recruit my max level Silvertail Radiance. I don’t have to be online for you to recruit it and it definitely makes this challenge a whole new level of easy mode.

Also, if you haven’t yet picked up this highly addictive rail shooter, check out our official review. Keep in mind that additional achievements and a full-blown multi-player mode were added after the review was posted.


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