Xbox One March Update Now Live

Xbros of the world, rejoice! The long-awaited March Update for the Xbox One has finally arrived. If you don’t have automatic updates activated for your console, be sure to enable that feature in the settings menu to get your download started. 

This patch improves the matchmaking/party system and introduces many other exciting features like Dolby Digital support. The “Xbox, broadcast” command functions as intended, but the Twitch app won’t support game streaming until next week.

The folks at Microsoft have actively been listening to your feedback and they will continue to update and improve the Xbox One experience. I’m excited that playing games with my friends online will no longer be an enormous headache.

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  1. They also did some sneaky updates to the avatar editor by giving us a bit more background options to play around with. I also dig that the home page shows how many friends are online and which ones are broadcasting on twitch.

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