Watch Dogs Release Date Confirmed in New Story Trailer


Ubisoft has been working hard on Watch Dogs for quite a while now, but their latest trailer not only sheds more light on to Aiden’s story but confirms the release date as May 27th, 2014. As reported on, the PS3 and PS4 versions will feature an additional hour of gameplay content.

UPDATE – Ubisoft confirms with Eurogamer that Wii U version is “paused” until development is finished for other formats. Should we start a betting pool for the Wii U version eventually being cancelled?

We’ve all seen trailer after trailer of delicious gameplay, but it’s nice to finally get a solid release date. Last I heard, the Wii U version was slightly delayed, so if that’s your console of choice your release date may be shortly after May 27th.



    1. It’s always the simple things in life that are the most satisfying. I remember playing the original Saints Row and spending countless hours just diving in front of cars because the ragdoll was so hilarious. Ahhh… those were simpler times.

      1. That’s up there with sky diving and ignoring the parachute, or jumping out of a moving vehicle. Good times, for sure, man.

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