Kenji Inafune’s New Game!

gunvolt logo

Yes, Kenji Inafune, famed creator of Mega Man has a new action sidescroller. No, not that one. This one takes place in a high tech future. No, not that one. This one has a very similar look and feel to Mega Man. NO, NOT that one. This one has a protagonist clad in blue that gains powers as he progresses… DAMNIT NO NOT ugghh… Just check out the trailer for Azure Striker Gunvolt:

While it certainly doesn’t look as polished as Mighty No. 9, I’m liking the Gameboy Advance feel to it. It really reminds me of the Mega Man Zero series. So, now that your working on unofficial remakes of the original Mega Man and Mega Man Zero, do you think we could maybe get an unofficial remake of Mega Man Legends? Hmm? Please?

Azure Striker Gunvolt comes out this summer for the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

(H/T Kotaku)



    1. Ah, Mega Man Legends. The game that introduced many different innovations that were then used by Ocarina of Time. As much as I love the classics, I would love a MML3 over any sort of 2D MM.

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