R.B.I. Baseball Rises From the Dead, Hits Xbox 360 & PS3 April 10th.


The Sony faithful have had a solid baseball sim in The Show to rub in the face of Xbox owners who were stuck with bad to mediocre versions of MLB 2K. Now that 2K games has decided against continuing with the MLB series, 360 (and PS3, should you feel inclined to stop playing the greatest baseball series on Earth) owners are relying on the rebirth of the NES classic R.B.I. Baseball.

According to a Tweet by Darren Rovell, MLBAM has set April 10th as the release date for R.B.I. Baseball on Xbox 360, PS3, Android and iOS. We 360 owners have yet another reason to be worried about the future of baseball on our console of choice as R.B.I. Baseball doesn’t even have as much as a screenshot to show off for a game that releases in exactly one month.

Is R.B.I. Baseball an arcade game or a full-fledged baseball sim? We still don’t know! But at least we know the tradition of mediocre baseball on the 360 will continue in 2014 and I can still do something with my Orioles besides watch them on TV.

For the sake of conversation, with R.B.I. Baseball having nothing to show for right now, are you even interested? Personally, I have a PS3 and I’ll just continue to play The Show, especially with R.B.I. Baseball not coming to Xbox One. If it were an arcade-style game like NFL Blitz, I might be a little more interested, but for now I’ll just sit back with popcorn and watch the train wreck.



  1. Interesting – I was just thinking about picking up a baseball game to commemorate the upcoming season. You say “The Show” is awesome? What’s so great about it? (Not being facetious; just genuinely don’t know anything about it haha)

    1. The Show is a pretty perfect baseball sim with updated rosters and not-too-gimmicky controls that plagued the 2K series for the last few years. All of the game modes are pretty solid, the online play has been pretty great the last few years and has just been a great experience as a baseball fan. If you like baseball and know the fundamentals (like pull fouls on purpose to wear out a good pitcher in the early innings, when sacrifice, etc.) I would highly, highly recommend giving The Show a shot. I’ve been blown away every year.

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