Dark Souls 2 Launch Trailer Prepares You for Death

The Demons Souls/Dark Souls series is one designed for fans of self-mutilation and torture. Players get a strange high from repeatedly getting stabbed, smashed, disintegrated, and generally pulverized. If you’re into that sort of kinky stuff, the Dark Souls 2 launch trailer should get you all hot and bothered. 

[youtube http://youtu.be/-k-np6onz3w]

This trailer is awful. I don’t really understand the target audience? Are they looking for teens who also happen to be fans of extreme dark fantasy and generic classic rock? The music doesn’t seem to fit into the Dark Souls universe. If anything, the song playing throughout makes me hate the game.

If this trailer didn’t completely kill your excitement for Dark Souls 2, you can pick up your copy for Xbox 360 or PS3 tomorrow, but all the cool kids and Team Xbro will be playing Titanfall. 

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  1. I’m so into this. I will be picking this up at midnight. I enjoyed my time with the Titanfall beta, but until it’s discounted, I likely won’t be picking it up anytime soon.

    Dark Souls 2 though? So hype.

    Launch Trailer sucks though. Like… It’s at the “cheesy 80’s montage” threshold, but never crosses it… and the result is just bad… Needs some Pantera or Iron Maiden to get the hype train rolling.

    1. Seriously Dark Souls needs cheesy metal at the very least to get me pumped. A montage with “The Trooper” would have me so ready to buy this game.

      I loved/completely hated Dark Souls, but many things have me nervous about the sequel. For one… Why did they go for the T rating??? Dark Souls is suppose to be a dark and morbid universe full of death and depression. How do you capture that with a Teen rating?

      1. It looks like a hard T rating. “Blood & Gore, Partial Nudity, Mild Language, Violence”.

        It could have earned a T because blood may not splash, or no one says as much harsh language. The ratings have silly guidelines, and us Americans don’t care very much for violence, so I’m not terribly worried.

      2. I’m sure it won’t affect the game that drastically, but it’s kind of like World War Z getting a PG-13 rating. The movie was pretty solid and I almost didn’t notice, but there were definitely some moments that become a lot less believable/engaging because they had to restrict the blood or language.

  2. I’m already tortured by my husband hogging the Xbox and playing the first game… same shitty enemies over and over and over and over again! I hate that game and I’ve decided to hate Dark Souls 2 before seeing one second of gameplay… ARGH!

    1. That game definitely isn’t fun to watch. It’s an absolute grindfest. Every enemy takes a ridiculous amount of time to kill and if you die, you just have to do it all over again. Even I wouldn’t watch somebody play Dark Souls.

  3. Dark Souls 2 is incredible. The best game I’ve ever played. And I bought it at the best price- check Kinguin, the price was so low I couldn’t belice it.

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