inFAMOUS: Second Son Official Gameplay

infamous ss logo

Sony has just posted an official eight minute gameplay preview of their upcoming exclusive, inFAMOUS: Second Son. The game as you know is semi-reboot with a whole new main character and it looks really good, but it also raises some uncomfortable questions. Check it out:

Ok, I know one of the big selling points of the series is the whole karma system. You can earn Good Karma or Bad Karma to become ultimately a hero or villain at the end of the game. My question, is this footage what you do when you actively want to be a villain? Can you turn down this mission?

infamous screencap

“Activists Silenced”, yeah silencing, what appear to be, peaceful protesters is what bad guys do. I mean they’re protesting that people with superpowers are abusing said powers and committing terrorist acts. The response of our brave heroes? Violently murder them and any ass random person that happens to be walking by, which is what… you know… terrorists do. In previous footage the violent murder was saved for the scary paramilitary stormtroopers trying to maintain their scary police state. That seems fine seeing as how those guys are soldiers and know what they’re signing up for and trained to deal with being attacked, the guy holding a sign though? Not so much. Granted, the soldiers show up but they seem like they’re trying to protect the protesters and rightfully so.

This all is just my initial reaction, though. There might be a perfectly good reason in story for it but taken out of context it seems a little weird. inFAMOUS: Second Son comes out for the PS4 on March 21st.



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