Team Colorblind’s Aztez Announced for All Major Consoles


Team Colorblind’s 2D beat-em-up/strategy hybrid gore-fest Aztez was officially announced for all major consoles today on their official development blog. As they’ve always been sure of the PC release, they were happy to confirm today that Aztez will grace the Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita & Wii U shortly after it releases on PC later this year.

As posted on the official development blog:

When we show the game in public, we’re frequently asked where we’re releasing.  Up until now our answer has always been “PC, and hopefully as many consoles as we can”.

We’re happy to announce that Aztez is officially coming to PS4, Vita, Xbox One, and Wii U!

Aztez releases on PC later this year, but no concrete date has been announced yet. I’m getting a MadWorld meets Muramasa vibe from this game, and the trailer definitely has me hype!


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