Titanfall(s) Behind

titanfall tv

As you may have noticed we here at umm… this place, a website for certain, have been very very excited about Titanfall. It’s not the just the reason to buy an Xbox One, it’s a reason to live. But let’s say you’re a cheapskate like me, well you might have planned to pickup the 360 version on March 25th. About that…

Joystiq is reporting that Titanfall for 360 is being delayed for 2 more weeks. The new release date will be April 8th in North America and April 11th in Europe. But fret not! The 360 version will have all the gameplay modes of the Xbox One’s! Now cheer up with this 16-bit rendition of Titanfall from Machinima.

Hold on… Getting in and out of giant mechs and bouncing around in a jet pack? Is Titanfall an unofficial remake of Metal Warriors?

Hmmm… nahhhh.

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