Mighty No.1 Through No. 8… oh And No. 9

mno9 gameplay 2

There’s a new gameplay video for Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9! This one comes from the Game Developers Conference happening now in San Francisco. It’s honestly looking amazing and really everything a Mega Man fan could want, complete with an assortment of unique Robot Masters. Check it out:

While it’s still very much in progress, it looks as though it’s running very smoothly and the dash feature looks great. Now the question is: Apple?

mno9 apple

Is he Mighty No. 9’s Proto Man? I kind of hope not, he looks pretty villainous. So Dr. Wily’s counterpart is an evil robot apple. I love it. We also see a blow for equal rights among the sexes (ish I guess) in Mighty No. 3:

mno9 mno3

You’re no longer alone Splash Woman.
(H/T Tiny Cartridge)

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