Wait, You Can Ride Elephants in Far Cry 4?

July 9th, 2012 @ 04:56:41

Eurogamer is reporting that the next Far Cry will not only take place in the Himalayas, but will let you ride elephants. Wait, what?

Other than taking place in a much different climate and letting you ride an elephant to trample fools for ample damage, information for Far Cry 4 is still pretty scarce. Eurogamer is also confirming that it will release by the end of March 2015, but the only other thing we have to work with is the confirmation that it’ll play a lot like Far Cry 3 — so liberating camps in an open world, I suppose?

Regardless, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more excited for a potential Blood Dragon 2 add-on down the line, but hey.. I’ll take riding elephants in the snow any day over exploring another tropical location.



  1. God dammit, whenever I see the word elephant I think of some punk that worked with my dad for about a week that they called Elephant Man. Turns out he had extremely large genitalia and tatooed elephant ears on his hips as well as eyes to boot. Thanks for putting these images back in my head! lmao

      1. Vaas was a pretty intense dude. As soon as he said “you think you got your finger on the pussy train?” I knew he was nuts.

  2. I really enjoyed Far Cry 3. I haven’t played the first two, so I can’t compare them, but I thought the whole open world with animals and humans mixed together was brilliant. Personally, I’m excited for whatever they have installed for number FC4. Great post anyway!

    1. Oh, I didn’t mean to give off the impression that I didn’t care for Far Cry 3. I enjoyed what I played of it, but I absolutely loved Blood Dragon. If you haven’t played it yet, it’s a stand-alone Far Cry 3 game with ridiculous nods to 80’s pop-culture.

      I honestly loathed the original Far Cry, but picked up Far Cry Classic when it released on Xbox Live. I remembered why I hated it so much and deleted it after 4 or 5 chapters of the campaign. Far Cry 2 was a huge improvement, but Far Cry 3 had a solid foundation as far as gameplay went.

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