Wii Sports Club for Wii U Offering Free Access This Weekend


If you were a fan of Wii Sports and own a Wii U, Nintendo is offering unlimited free access to the Wii Sports Club for this weekend only. Wii Sports Club offers new versions of bowling, golf and tennis, featuring updated HD visuals as well as local and online multi-player.

Take advantage of a special springtime offer—try Wii Sports Club – Golf, Tennis and Bowling for FREE from March 21 at 9:01 AM PT until 11.59 PM PT
on March 23!

Wii Sports Club always offers one 24-hour trail period with unlimited access to all three sports during that time frame. Nintendo has also worked out a rather lax pay-to-play model, offering day passes for $1.99 (unlimited access to all sports for 24-hours) or unlimited access to the sport of your choice for $9.99.



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