We May Still See Digital Sharing on the Xbox One


  1. Digital sharing was the innovation I was most excited for with the Xbox One, so I was bummed when the whole idea was scrapped. I’d love to see it come back in the future, along with a much better digital pricing model. I still can’t get behind an argument that digital downloads will cost the consumer less when most publishers still try to get full retail out of the consumers who are saving them shipping, packaging and pressing costs. Plus additional costs by not being able to trade the game in to be re-sold used without any kickback to the publisher.

  2. I thought this was a pretty nifty feature of the Xbox One and was a little less than thrilled when the intransigent masses killed it. I know MS had to go with what the customer wanted for now, but I think the customers now are doing a mighty fine job of stifling innovation in the game industry.

    1. I feel the same way in many cases. People fear change or in most cases, just don’t take the time to understand it. Devs are pushing for digital sales because companies like Gamestop are crushing new game sales. Being able to trade games with your friends digital is not only convenient, but it’s just pretty damn cool.

      1. That’s the worst truth about it. The ‘gaming community’ doesn’t want anything to change from what it knows and loves. The last two experiences with Gamestop were enough to convince me that I don’t want to patronize their stores at all any more. As both a developer (though not of games at the moment) and a guy who plays games (I hesitate to call myself a gamer), I was looking forward to a new method of content delivery. Thanks for the response; I’d been thinking I was the only one who wasn’t crucifying Microsoft for attempting to innovate the space.

      2. I was honestly excited about thew original vision for the Xbox One. Nostalgia is the main reason I like to purchase physical versions of games and a strictly digital marketplace like Steam would drastically drop the price of games as well. Gamestop is a terrible company and it’s also disappointing to see developers supporting them by offering pre order bonuses.

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