Wal-Mart Offering Xbox One w/ Forza 5 Digital Download for $449.99


I was browsing the electronics section at Wally World earlier today and stumbled on this advertisement. I snapped a pic with my phone to show you guys that it was legit, so if you’re in the market for an Xbox One you may want to check this out. If you planned on picking up Forza 5 as well, the deal is even sweeter!


  1. While I’m not really into the XBox One, this is pretty awesome for anyone who is.

    It does worry me a bit because the first thing that came to mind was a price drop, like a permanent one. I feel like that’d mean that this generation is already in trouble and I’d really prefer not to have another video game crash. I mean, sure, the first one happened before I was even born, but still.

    I may or may not be over analyzing this. Yep, I am.

    1. I think now that Titanfall has been out for a few weeks, most of the people who were holding off on buying the console have probably already picked on up. I figured a price drop would happen at some point, and if $50 off and a free game sells more units I’m all for it.

      I don’t see a game crash coming any time soon though, so I think we’re safe. Some gaming website posted last week I think that this generation has moved more consoles and software than the last gen did in 16 months.

      1. That’s a good point. I completely forgot about Titanfall. True, price drops are inevitable, but it did feel a little soon to me. Then again, it’s $50 and a free game, so I really am over-analyzing. I shouldn’t be allowed to use WordPress this early in the morning.

        That’s good to hear. You guys are my only real source of gaming news as I don’t really scour the net for news these days. Still, that’s really reassuring. Glad to hear it!

      2. It is pretty early for a price drop — definitely earlier than I would have anticipated — so I can see where the concern would come from. Sony is outselling Microsoft worldwide by a pretty decent margin right now, and no matter how much Microsoft tries to sell consumers on their higher price point being worth it for the Kinect (which I firmly believe as well, after using it for 5 months), it still boils down to their console being more expensive.

        It also doesn’t help that soooo many different websites are constantly posting news about the PS4 having the better versions of cross-platform stuff, so not only do they have the more expensive console, but it’s also “inferior” in power.

        I might be looking too far in to this as well, but the Xbox One price drop came just as Sony increased the PS4’s price in Canada by $50.

  2. I picked up the Titanfall bundle for 449. According to Microsoft, its not an official price drop as their wholesale prices remain the same. Glad to get the system with a $60 game for $449 5 months after buying my PS4. I didn’t think I’d like Titanfall as much as I do.

    1. Ah, see the Titanfall bundle was still listed as $499.99 and was right next to this one, so maybe it just differs by retailers? Or maybe it would have rang up as $449.99, who knows.

      Glad you’re enjoying Titanfall. We all loved the beta and most of us are still putting a hefty amount of time on there right now.

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