The Greatest Betrayal

The Greatest Betrayal

Sometimes you really think you know someone and then they just drop a huge bombshell. Kafka Luck has dishonored TEAM XBRO and brought shame to his family. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with owning a PS4, but once you go bro, you never go back.

On a related note… HOT DIGGIDY DAMN!!! We’re celebrating two whole years of What’s Your Tag?. It’s crazy to think that two years have already passed since we started our humble video game web comic. Watching this site and our community grow has been amazing. A huge thanks to anyone who’s ever stopped by our website and dropped us a comment or shared what we do with friends. You’re all amazing people and you keep our shenanigans alive!

Hugs and Kisses from everyone here at What’s Your Tag?

Author Line
What’s Your Tag? is a video game web comic/news/entertainment site. We post exciting content everyday and new comics every Monday. If you’re a fan of our special breed of shenanigans, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter – @whatsyourtag


  1. Yesss Kafka… The JRPG is strong in this one… Join the dark side…

    On a related note, is it your two year anniversary already? Congrats! I hope the next year your readers and views TRIPLE! Ya’ll deserve no less!

    1. Some of those JRPG’s can get incredibly… dark…

      Yeah! I can’t believe it’s been two years already! It blows my mind. Thanks for the support, homey! Good things always tend to come in threes, so let’s wish for the best!

      1. Does AMGfail not have a comic character? I want to congratulate you guys on y’alls two year with fan art, but his profile image and Xbox avatar don’t match, so I have no idea how to draw him.

      2. He doesn’t have a comic character, yet. He’s still a pretty fresh face in the WYT? world, but I plan on writing him into a script in the very near future.

        We’d love to see some fan art! That would radtastic! Our comic characters are based off our Xbox avatars, so it’s safe to say his character would look like his avatar in the comics.

      1. What a jerk! I oughta pimp slap that man. I’m sure he’ll get around to it. He’s been busy playing Skater Cat…

        Here’s my friend code: 3737-9814-1361

        I don’t have Code of Princess either, but I’ve been eyeballing it and apparently it has some pretty rad four-player co-op and surprisingly it supports online play.

      2. The 3DS friend system is so damn prehistoric and half the time I add people and they add me back and shit doesn’t register. Miles still hasn’t added me back yet, for instance.

  2. Wow, that’s as a dark comic as they come… scared the bejesus out of me!
    Two years? That’s cool, really cool! Keep up the brill work!

    1. This comic came from a terrible nightmare I had last week. It shook me to tears, I tell ya.

      Thanks for the support! You’ve been following us for a long time and it’s always great to see your face in the comments! You’re one of the original XBROS.

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