Mega May 20XX

mmxtreme 1

Even after I have shuffled off this mortal coil I just can’t stop thinking about Mega Man. Capcom has announced that this May will be “Mega May” as they plan on releasing six Gameboy Mega Man titles starting with one on May 1st and then every Thursday after that on the 3DS Virtual Console! And who chooses the first of these titles? Well you do…

Yes, over at the Capcom Unity Blog is a poll that let’s us, sadly non-robotic beings, vote! The games are Mega Man 2-5 and Mega Man Xtreme 1 and 2. While in a perfect world I’d vote for just straight Mega Man X for the 3DS, Mega Man Xtreme was actually a lot of fun. It had it’s flaws of course but for shrinking down an SNES game onto the Gameboy Color it worked pretty well. Check out the longplay if you’re interested:

You have until April 14th to vote, go check it out!

(H/T Tiny Cartridge)



    1. You’d be surprised how rigor mortis helps with typing! I think Mega Man ranks up there with sex and pizza, there’s no real “bad” Mega Man games just lesser ones.

  1. Finally at some point the Gameboy ROMS do get rereleased on 3DS. I hope this means along with MM7, and Rockman & Forte on Wii U. The aftermarket price for MM7 is almost $150 right now which is just insane. Atomic Planet botched the ROMs when they did the MM Anniversary Collection almost a decade ago so this would be welcome.

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