Call of Duty: Ghosts – Devastation DLC Review (Xbox One)


Rejoice Xbox Call of Duty fans! This week marked the release of the new, highly anticipated DLC, Devastation. While the DLC is available now for Xbox users, Playstation fans will have to wait until May 1st to get their devastation on. The new content includes 4 new multiplayer map packs, 1 new Extinction episode and a new hybrid multiplayer weapon named The Ripper. That being said, let’s review the new content!


Carrying on what the Onslaught DLC started with the Maverick, we receive a new hybrid weapon called The Ripper. This gun plays as a SMG, but with the click of a button turns into an Assault Rifle. Season Pass holders have been able to use this weapon since early March. I’ve played with this weapon for several matches and I do enjoy the adaptability of it, however that being said, I do find that the gun when in SMG mode has a larger than normal kick for my tastes when I’m running and gunning. I rather enjoy the Assault Rifle mode, though I would enjoy it more if the fire rate was slightly higher as I feel like people Matrix-dodge my bullets a lot with it.

I really enjoy the new maps the Devastation DLC delivered. They aren’t the typical gigantic, linear maps that Infinity Ward  seems to be focusing on time around. They made all these maps, with the exception of Unearthed (read on about this one), much more vertical. When you take a look at the mini-map on your HUD, they all look rather skimpish in comparison to their other Ghost cousins, but they are much larger then they appear. The maps have multiple levels and many different paths that you can take to get from point A to point B, making them far less friendly to those players who are prone to pitching their tents and singing Kumbaya around the campfire. Below is a list of the new maps and a brief description of what they look like.


Behemoth: Takes place on a giant earth excavator high above ground. Behemoth’s special Field Order puts you in a mini-gunned controlled chopper.


Unearthed: Fans of Modern Warfare 3 will be happy to see this map, as it is a remake of one of my favorite maps from the game, Dome. Is has been redesigned as an excavation site. Even though this map isn’t entirely new,  it does have a very unique Field Order reward which spawns three cryptid aliens and the use of the Venom-X weapon from the Extinction mode.


Collision: You play on a map surrounded by shipping containers. This map has two very good sniper nests, but most of it involves tight corners for those of you that like to run and gun. The special Field Order reward allows you to call in an Air Strike.


Ruins: This new map takes place in an ancient Mayan temple in Central America. Ruins has two very special Field Order rewards. The first one will erupt the map’s volcano, while the second one puts you in control of the PREDATOR!

Ghosts Predator

I have yet to be able to get this beauty from a Field Order but lord have mercy when I do! I’ll be screaming into the mic…


Finishing out the new content, Extinction gets a new episode called “Mayday.” The new episode starts up immediately after Nightfall, with the Quick Reaction Team being sent to investigate a ghost ship somewhere in the South Pacific. Here, players will come into contact with two new aliens; the Seeder and the Kraken. Much like its acid-spewing cousin the Scorpion, the Seeder is capable of producing larva that will stock to walls and can protect hives and the Kraken, as the name implies, is BIG! He also comes equipped with whip-like tentacles that are more than capable of putting a damper on your alien hunting adventures.

In addition to the Devastation DLC, Xbox One users received a 2GB update for the game which offers a new loadout generator tool that will randomize a loadout for you and give you a new, fresh take on the game. Patch notes are available here.

The Devastation DLC delivers a great amount of content of $15. The new maps and additions to classic game modes offer a ton of variety to your Call of Duty: Ghosts experience. Plus, you get to the Predator and who isn’t pumped about that?

Devastation DLC Review

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