Xbox One Adds YouTube Integration to Upload Studio, Update Rolls Out Tomorrow


The ability to capture and share your own personal gameplay footage is a huge selling point for both Sony and Microsoft’s current-gen consoles, but neither of them are doing so in a way that is hassle free. Until now, that is. 

Starting tomorrow, Microsoft will be rolling out an update for the Xbox One that allows you to upload your recorded footage stored in Game DVR directly to YouTube (via the YouTube app’s My Uploads option), without the hassle of going through SkyDrive first. I literally just typed out “Thank you!” 50 times and then deleted it, so I’ll just say it one more time. Thank you!

Of course if you still want to edit your footage or add voice over work that doesn’t sound like you’re yelling at your Kinect from the bathroom, you’ll still be able to upload your footage to SkyDrive with the Upload Studio app, where you can then download it in MP4 format and then sexy it up with the editing software of your choice. But if you just want to get your epic killstreak on YouTube with the quickness, you’ll now be able to send it there directly from the YouTube app. Praise the sun! Praise be to Yevon!

Now if only Sony would follow suit, as their method of uploading is pretty lackluster at the moment since you can only upload your video directly to Facebook. From there you have to use a third party website to take the video from Facebook and put it in to some sort of editable format on your PC, then upload it to YouTube. That’s all well and good if you just want to upload to Facebook and show off your terrible inFamous skills to your friends, but I have no interest in flooding my personal Facebook page with constant video updates just so I can rip them and edit them myself.

C’mon, Sony. Give in to the peer pressure.


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gamercard Bradley Keene is an avid gamer & freelance blogger from Baltimore, MD that handles news and reviews here at What’s Your Tag?. If he’s not knee-deep in an RPG or some form of Nintendo game, he’s usually watching terrible horror films or listening to Gwar. Follow him on Twitter @amgfail_WYT, or contact him by e-mail at Love gaming? Join TEAM XBRO today!


  1. Sony is working on their video editor. Don’t know if YouTube will be added but they are looking to add a “rich” video editor and let you export videos directly to a USB device. No date as to when this update will come though.

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