5 New Characters Announced for Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS!


Today’s Nintendo Direct dished out new Super Smash Bros information at a blistering pace, including the confirmation of 5 new characters! I hope your body is ready! 

In addition to the already jam-packed roster, Yoshi, Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Charizard and Greninja are joining the battle! Sadly, there was no mention of Mewtwo, Captain Falcon or Reggie Fils-Amie, but there is still plenty of time before Super Smash Bros releases later this year.

Screencap taken from Siliconera.com
Screencap taken from Siliconera.com

Zero Suit Samus and Sheik were previously different forms for Samus and Princess Zelda, but will now be completely different playable characters.

Who would you like to see that hasn’t been announced yet? Are you excited about the new additions?

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      1. “We dropped the ball with Delphox and Chesnaught… But at least Greninja is cool right?!”

        “So far I feel like we’re filling up the slots with mid-to-low tier characters. Dedede and Yoshi could be replaced with cool new characters, and as much of a fan favorite Marth is, Lucina could easily replace him.

      2. Yeah Delphox and Chesnaught were pretty disappointing, but Grennja is amazing and he was the perfect choice.

        I hope they keep Ike or bring back Roy. I loved those heavy hitters. I was never huge into Marth, but I know a ton of people love him.

      3. They missed the perfect opportunity to have Chrom as their heavy hitter and Lucina as their technical fighter. Hell, they wouldn’t have to change any moves from Ike and Marth. I think Marth and Roy are cool enough but hardly anyone played their games, and meanwhile Fire Emblem: Awakening sells more than any other Fire Emblem.

      4. Speaking of which, what console are you guys getting Smash on? I’ll likely be 3DS but I’d like to play with you guys…


      5. I will definitely be picking up the Wii U version, but after seeing the Smash Run footage for 3DS I may have to get both at some point lol.

      6. I’m doing both because when I play Smash, I play hard. haha We’d most definitely be down to throw down. I know I’m picking up the 3DS version at launch.

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