6.8 GB Killer Instinct Update Now Available for Download, Adds Fulgore, Story Mode and 8-Player Lobbies


Double Helix waves goodbye to Killer Instinct today as the long-awaited content update is finally in our grasp. Starting today, a 6.8 GB update is available for download and will not only feature the highly anticipated addition of Fulgore, but also a story mode and 8-player lobbies. I know what I’m doing today! 

As Totalxbox claims in their reveal post this morning, Killer Instinct is finally starting to feel like a “complete game”, now having an actual story mode and a beefier roster to play around with.

Developer Double Helix has been hard at work maintaining the quality of Killer Instinct by addressing balancing issues in ongoing patches and with the addition of the anti-rage quit Jail system. Sadly, this will be Double Helix’s final hurrah as they were recently purchased by Amazon to work on their Android-based console.

As we mentioned before, fighting game veterans Iron Galaxy have stepped in to take over developmental duties for Killer Instinct, so I think the series will be in good hands. Iron Galaxy has previous worked on indie sensation Divekick, as well as Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online and Darkstalkers Ressurection, so they’re no stranger to the 2D fighting experience.

Let us know what you think of Fulgore in the comments below, and hopefully we’ll have some gameplay footage recorded to show you guys later today.

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gamercard Bradley Keene is an avid gamer & freelance blogger from Baltimore, MD that handles news and reviews here at What’s Your Tag?. If he’s not knee-deep in an RPG or some form of Nintendo game, he’s usually watching terrible horror films or listening to Gwar. Follow him on Twitter @amgfail_WYT, or contact him by e-mail at bradleykeenewyt@gmail.com. Love gaming? Join TEAM XBRO today!

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