Conan O’Brien Lives the Dream

At&t stadium

What would you do with one of the world’s biggest screens? Obviously you’d want to play some games on it! The latest in Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer segment does just that. Going to AT&T Stadium, Conan runs through the obvious Madden 25, to Flower, to Super Street Fighter II Turbo! Check it out:

I’m glad he pointed out the people in the backgrounds of the Street Fighter games. It’s always been something I found odd. I mean, in Russia I get it, they’re in some kind of underground fight club but in the U.S. those people are on like a sight seeing ferry or something. I don’t know maybe it’s like a whale watch only for fist fights. I’d pay for that, actually.

(H/T Joystiq)



  1. Clueless Gamer is great, one of my favorite Conan bits by far. He’s surprisingly perceptive about little things sometimes, but that could just be the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t play games as a hobby.

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