Sony Online Entertainment Announces H1Z1


Sony Online Entertainment recently announced its next grand MMO, H1Z1. This massively multiplayer title features a  world filled with terrifying zombies where you, the player, are fighting to survive. 


Based on the same Forgelight Engine that Planetside 2 uses, H1Z1 is described as a larger persistent world than those offered by DayZ or Rust. Early game play shows vehicles and destructible environmental elements via fire. It’s almost hard thinking about running full physics in an online MMO and the ability to plow zombies over with your vehicle or burn down an enemy camp just sounds pretty awesome. Another bold claim is that the environment will be much larger than the world of Planetside 2. Player Studio will also be available in this game just as it is in Planetside 2 for players to create and potentially sell items.

Currently, H1Z1 is scheduled for a PC-only launch, but Sony hasn’t ruled out a Playstation release nor has it commented on one. Coming to Steam’s Early Access program, gamers shouldn’t be far away from getting a chance to try this. When it does goes live, it’s going to use the free-to-play model with micro-transactions. There isn’t an official date for the full release or Steam Early Access, but SOE has thrown out the time frame of the next weeks as a possibility. If you want more of the back story, SOE has a sub-Reddit with more details. This game had some rumors flying around previously, but they were really vague at best and the gameplay footage that is out there is three months old. Showing lots of potential, but leaving lots of questions, H1Z1 still feels like a teaser at this point. Hopefully SOE should be releasing more about the game very soon.

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    1. There has to be balance of pushing the envelope and covering the basics. If they can pull that off they can do well. I worry about it blending into all the other zombie based games and not having its own identity.

    2. I think they have a pretty good idea how to run a shooter with Planetside 2, so I have faith that it’ll get the core mechanics down. What I’m not 100% on is their ability to make it feel like more than a shooter that happens to have zombies in it.

      1. Zombie apocalypse is a genre that is getting an overload of attention. The bubble is near burst mode and to be something noticeable in the sphere is great but to be something run of the mill is just not worth it.

      2. Right. No one talks about DayZ as a zombie sim, it’s basically a trolling sim. If this can mix the survival aspect of DayZ with the fun of something like Left 4 Dead, Dead Island or State of Decay, I think it’d be pretty golden.

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