Titanfall Update Coming Later Today


Respawn is making sure players are getting everything they ask for in Titanfall with a consistent stream of updates. A new patch coming later today is adding private matches, the ability to see friends on your minimap and much more. 

[youtube http://youtu.be/3FPtT4C870c]

Private matches are something that fans have been requesting since launch and Respawn has always planned on adding them, but never really stated when. Today’s patch will introduce a test version of private games that will support 2 to 12 players and can be accessed straight from the game’s main menu. This offers a  more casual way to play the game, but you won’t earn XP or progress in any of your challenges when playing in this mode. If you’re looking to find out which one of your friends is the best at Titanfall, you can also start private tournaments.

A feature that I’ve desperately been waiting for is the ability to see where you friends or party members are at on the minimap. Currently everyone just shows up as blue dots or arrows, but today’s update will show everyone in your party as green on the minimap. This will make coordinating attacks with your team significantly easier. Now I won’t need to awkwardly try and describe what area of the map I’m at.

“Dude, where you at!?”

“Um… you know that one taller building on the right side of the map in between the two trees and next to smaller building?”

“Um… yeah sure, kind of. On my way.”

“Oh, wait. Nevermind, I died.”

The Xbox One version of the game will also get a shortcut to the Party app that can be accessed by simply pressing the left trigger at the main menu and the PC version will get a fix for an infamous wall-hack exploit.

It’s always refreshing to see a developer actively changing their game based off the community’s requests. Critics and players alike have been loving Titanfall and knowing that the experience is only going to get better is a great feeling.

What features are you waiting to see added or changed in Titanfall? 

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